A Poem for this Spring … Mark Roper.


Now more than ever, swallow,
is the time to come, up the river
and over the field.

Now, rook, the time to know
your ramshackle basket of twig
holds its fragile trove.

Blackcap, this moment more than ever
we need your hidden delivery,
sudden mad burst of song.

Gorse, your rich and delicate perfume.
Dandelion, your cloth of gold.

Thrush, do not fail us now, sling
your fervent prayer into the wind,
into the driving rain.

Primrose, please, keep sketching your soft circles.
Above a still lake of bluebell,
unfurl, beech tree, your tender leaf.

More than ever, moon, your shining example.
More than ever, pebble, your patience.

Mark Roper




With thanks to Mark for his, as ever, so well-chosen words.

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