The Deceiving Spaniard!

A spot of light blue in the short grass caught my eye. It was a small flower and short with a cluster of light blue flowers atop a dark stem. It didn't fit with the picture of any previously seen plant and this made it all the more interesting. A closer look and several photographs, … Continue reading The Deceiving Spaniard!

Seven Lady’s Smocks

Now, you might think I have changed the style of my wardrobe but that is not the case. Rather it is the celebration of a little moment in the garden. We have a small area which has changed over the years from being a "bulb lawn" to a wildflower patch. Originally, we planted a large … Continue reading Seven Lady’s Smocks

Tulips in Their Pots.

A pictorial look at tulips in the garden at the moment, mainly those purchased last autumn for pot culture and display and destined to be short-lived garden plants as is their breeding. They are bright and cheering while in flower and a wonderful addition to the garden. And individually: