There will be days like this!

It was a scorcher of a Sunday, with temperatures in the high 20s, and after a two hour drive we had a thirty-minute walk up a hillside in the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary, in search of the very rare Small White Orchid. There are scarce records of sightings in north Co. Tipperary and there … Continue reading There will be days like this!

The Secret Eater!

We have a secret eater! Food is prepared and served and when checked later it has gone but the eater has not been observed and is nowhere to be seen. A secret eater! It’s nothing very dramatic but interesting nonetheless – I have a hedgehog in residence. It’s a case of enforced residence for this … Continue reading The Secret Eater!

It’s a Blooming Sad Story!

I enjoyed my day at Bloom this year, a very pleasant day, some very good gardens, some nice plants purchased to bring home, met and chatted with friends but there were also reasons to grumble – perhaps gardeners are a grumbling lot! Some gardeners/horticulturalists of my acquaintance, amateur and professional, have expressed a disappointment with … Continue reading It’s a Blooming Sad Story!

Éireannach – Celebrating Native Plants of Ireland

Éireannach – Celebrating Native Plants of Ireland The short history of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists (established in 2014) is one of boundless ambition and super achievement and their latest project has topped everything to date. Their first undertaking was “Aibítir – The Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art”, an exhibition portraying a selection of … Continue reading Éireannach – Celebrating Native Plants of Ireland