Last Saturday in November – a Look Back at the Week.

Sunday last gave us one of those all too regular mornings here close to the River Suir, a morning of dense fog when the gigantic bridge, which is so very close to our house, is completely obscured until gradually the tip of the main upright appears in a clearing sky above the bank of fog … Continue reading Last Saturday in November – a Look Back at the Week.

A Game of Two Halves…and a lookback at the week.

Waterford, southeast Ireland, 21st November 2020 There were moments during the week, moments which gave hope that the gloom, fog, mist, rain and downpours might desist long enough for us to do some gardening. We managed a walk on Wednesday, a full day in the garden on Thursday, and half a morning on Friday. That … Continue reading A Game of Two Halves…and a lookback at the week.

Enjoying Death!

This seems appropriate again – Facebook threw it up in my daily “Memories”

Paddy Tobin, An Irish Gardener

It is rather odd, rather a contradiction for the gardener who usually devotes all efforts to promoting growth, nurturing good health and fostering the treasures of the garden that, at this time of year, s/he should rejoice in the death processes of those very same plants.

Arbour fallen leaves (2)Parrotia persica, Ironwood, has dropped its leaves, a golden yellow with flashes of red.

Arbour fallen leaves (1)

Autumn is almost a second spring rather than the death knell of the garden, a time of change, a swing in the seasons; nature’s sign that it is not an end, not a death, but simply part of the eternal cycle. It is a time of hope or of nature giving hope, encouraging us to look beyond the coming winter of bareness, cold, misery and … death! No – simply a suspension of life!

Magnolias in ash bed Magnolias – M. soulangeana ‘Heaven Scent’ and M. stellata ‘Rosea King’- moving into their autumn…

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