Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!

Orchids by nature are inclined to be variable and identifying them accurately can be quite a challenge. Those who come to an interest in orchids from a non-botanical background quickly find that their previous experience of colour-organised identification guides is now of little relevance as their search for identification moves from colour to morphology – … Continue reading Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!

We’re Launching!

I'd be sipping my glass of wine - I imagine it might be a Beaujolais nouveau; it's what I fancy at the moment, anyway - and I'd be holding the book open, at page 130, and wandering the room. Everybody is happy, cheerful, as everybody is on occasions such as this. Everybody is cheerful, positive, … Continue reading We’re Launching!

Dining on the Long Acre – The Wild Food Plants of Ireland

Reading Tom Curtis and Paul Whelan's book, The Wild Food Plants of Ireland, has brought another layer, a greater depth of interest, to my wildflower wanderings along our road in recent days. The damsons on the boundary ditch of the garden have set well but I'll have to wait for them to ripen before picking … Continue reading Dining on the Long Acre – The Wild Food Plants of Ireland