Kitchen Garden Revival

"The biggest reason to have a kitchen garden is for your own happiness" writes author, Nicole Johnsey Burke, and I suggest that the best place to start for those who wish to have a kitchen garden is with this book. There is an approach in this book seldom, if ever, seen elsewhere - that the … Continue reading Kitchen Garden Revival

Britain’s Ferns – A Review.

It works! Britain’s Ferns is intended to provide a practical and functional approach to the identification of ferns, and it works! I put it to the test with a number of local ferns and one horsetail and the identification keys, which are at the heart of the book, guided me through the process in simple … Continue reading Britain’s Ferns – A Review.

The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.

Small changes in our gardening can make an enormous difference to our world – The “Act locally, think globally” concept could never be applied so effectively! We can each, in our individual gardens, make small changes which will be beneficial to our environment, to the pollinators of our country and its ecology without, and this … Continue reading The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.

Modern Plant Hunters – A Review.

Modern Plant Hunters – Dr. Sandy Primrose. Plant hunters have given our gardens the most wonderful range of plants; we are greatly indebted to these brave, courageous and daring people and Dr. Sandy Primrose’s account of our modern plant hunters is gripping and informative reading for all gardeners and plant lovers. Plant hunting is not … Continue reading Modern Plant Hunters – A Review.

Olivier Filippi – Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden.

  This is a remarkable book, a book of extraordinary depth and of marvellous inspiration. Olivier and Clara Filippi have run a nursery, specialising in Mediterranean plants, in the south of France for over thirty years. They have travelled the world to study the plants of dry-climate regions and have made an in-depth examination of … Continue reading Olivier Filippi – Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden.