We Made a Wildflower Meadow

Just Doing It! We may be daunted by the ever more dire warnings about the damage we have caused to our environment, global warming, decline of wildlife etc and it can seem beyond us as individuals to do anything to remedy the situation. We may admire people such as Jadav Payeng who over thirty years … Continue reading We Made a Wildflower Meadow


A Beautiful Obsession

In his seventeen years at Huntingbrook Garden, Jimi Blake has cut a dash through the traditional herbaceous border, the shrub border, the woodland garden and is leading the way in Irish horticulture with his innovative approach to gardening, with his new plant trials and introductions but, most of all, in the manner in which he … Continue reading A Beautiful Obsession

Seeking the Elusive Emotive Element in Garden Design

Nigel Dunnett wants his gardens to reach those parts that other gardens cannot reach. In his thoughts, plans, designs and creations he aims to go beyond that found in most gardens; he wishes to create something which will elicit an emotional response – a basic human response deeper than the simple appreciation of beauty, of … Continue reading Seeking the Elusive Emotive Element in Garden Design

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens.

This was the most interesting, enjoyable and informative book I’ve read in ages!   At its very simplest, this book acts as a guide to 100 of the most significant gardens of the world with insights into their backgrounds, their cultural influences and place within the history of landscape design. However, the selection is arranged … Continue reading The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens.