Gardens – Switzerland

It is obvious to me now that I have had a blinkered view of the floral treasures of Switzerland. For me Switzerland has always been a destination for mountain walking, to see wildflowers in their natural setting, to walk the alpine meadows and the mountain tops to search out such delights as their famous Edelweiss, … Continue reading Gardens – Switzerland


A Garden Can Be Anywhere!

We live in an age of concern about the wholesomeness of our food, about the widespread use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers, about food miles, the use of preservatives, artificial additives and colourants. We are aware of the industrialisation of food production and processing, the erosion of seasonality as food is now available to us … Continue reading A Garden Can Be Anywhere!

A Gardener’s Guide to Snowdrops

The almost wildfire enthusiasm for snowdrop not only continues but is growing – a genuine galanthomania where amateur enthusiasm and commercial opportunism lead to a constant stream of newly named snowdrops – and it is a daunting challenge for any author to attempt a comprehensive listing of all cultivars. Indeed, it has frustrated others as … Continue reading A Gardener’s Guide to Snowdrops