Back to the Old 105!

Oh, the new kid on the block certainly won with the bling and I was taken in for quite some time but I have gone back to my dear and cherished friend, my old 105, and realise why I enjoyed it for so many years and regret putting it aside for most of the last … Continue reading Back to the Old 105!

Lismore Castle Gardens, May 2022

Covid prompted us last year to purchase a season ticket for the gardens at Lismore Castle and we have done the same this year as it is both exceptional value and the gardens merit a visit at least once a month through the open season. It really is worthwhile visiting a garden on a regular … Continue reading Lismore Castle Gardens, May 2022


This Is a book of encouragement, of positivity, of giving it a go! Read it and realise it doesn’t take an expert gardener to create something of beauty, something which brings enjoyment, a garden that will enhance our lives and our environment. Almost to prove the point, the author tackles what most gardeners would consider … Continue reading Shade