The Snowdrop Scene

It won't last; I know it won't; well, it probably won't - a diary of sorts reporting on how the snowdrops are doing in the garden! A report at this time of the year is a simple and straight-forward affair as the number of snowdrops in flower is small but, as the season continues and … Continue reading The Snowdrop Scene

Dinner for Two!

I'll be brief for that would be most appropriate on the evening that's in it - Christmas Eve! Our practices of many years have come down upon us with more than a sense of "There's no fool like an old fool" for we have continued the practices of many years without ever considering that times … Continue reading Dinner for Two!

Gardens under Big Skies – Noel Kingsbury & Maayke de Ridder

This has been my most enjoyable gardening read in ages and certainly one of my top books of the year. It is one I recommend without hesitation. A large format book crammed with excellent photography showing wonderful gardens. Noel Kingsbury has been a frequent visitor to The Netherlands since the mid-1990s, initially to follow the … Continue reading Gardens under Big Skies – Noel Kingsbury & Maayke de Ridder