It will always be “Kennedy Park”!

The Irish state bought Ballysop House and adjoining 400 acres in 1964 putting into effect its aim to establish a national arboretum which was officially opened on the 29th. of May, 1968. The general layout of the park was influenced by visits to the Arnold (Boston) and Morton (Illinois) Arboretums where a grand circuit allowed … Continue reading It will always be “Kennedy Park”!

Genius loci

In ancient Rome, a genius loci was the spirit which protected a place, a territorial guardian angel of sorts. Nowadays, it is a phrase used in reference to garden design and was first enunciated by Alexander Pope. He contended that garden or landscape designs must always be adopted to the location for which they are … Continue reading Genius loci

The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.

Small changes in our gardening can make an enormous difference to our world – The “Act locally, think globally” concept could never be applied so effectively! We can each, in our individual gardens, make small changes which will be beneficial to our environment, to the pollinators of our country and its ecology without, and this … Continue reading The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.