Let’s Peep Over That Garden Wall

A garden behind a high wall is a tease and a challenge and we all wish to go inside and satisfy our curiousity. The cult and illusion of exclusivity is a wonderful marketing ploy. The garden behind the high walls and locked gates is the one we all want to see but £24.50 will turn … Continue reading Let’s Peep Over That Garden Wall


A Garden Worth the Visit

Some gardens are worth visiting again and again; each visit a joy and an opportunity to steep in the accomplishment of a wonderful gardener. I have been visiting this same garden for many years without ever thinking beyond the obviously simple fact that I have always enjoyed being there and that I have never been … Continue reading A Garden Worth the Visit

A Reflection on The Carlow Garden Festival 2015

It was a week of garden celebration and enjoyment, of gardening experts, gardening celebrities and enthusiastic followers travelling and gathering and sharing in plants and gardens. This was the Carlow Garden Festival, a week crammed full of events, talks, guided walks and garden visits which seems to grow and grow in its success year on … Continue reading A Reflection on The Carlow Garden Festival 2015