Some Benton Irises

Sir Cedric Morris was a doubly gifted man, an accomplished, respected and successful artist and also a wonderful gardener who introduced an extraordinary range of beautiful irises. He established the East Anglian Art School at Benton End and also pursued his interest in breeding irises there. Reportedly, he would sow as many as a thousand … Continue reading Some Benton Irises

A Safe Refuge.

In a way it might seem incongruous that a graveyard would be a place of wonderful life but it is often the case. An eagle-eyed friend in our little orchid circle spotted some orchids growing in a churchyard close to where she lives and investigated further. As it turned out she had spotted a small … Continue reading A Safe Refuge.

Tulips in Their Pots.

A pictorial look at tulips in the garden at the moment, mainly those purchased last autumn for pot culture and display and destined to be short-lived garden plants as is their breeding. They are bright and cheering while in flower and a wonderful addition to the garden. And individually:

Prodigiously Prolific.

Lionel and Helen (Meg) Richardson were breeders of daffodils, based at Prospect House, Kilcohan, in Waterford City. The house still stands, now surrounded by modern housing estates which also cover what was previously the Richardson’s farmland – they kept Jersey cows for milk and also grew tomatoes commercially – and the family name is given … Continue reading Prodigiously Prolific.