The Photoshoot.

He spends some time each day admiring himself in the glass of the glasshouse though the pecking at the glass might indicate he is not entirely happy with what he sees there. I suppose he imagines it is another cock in his territory and he could not abide that. On other occasions he will stand … Continue reading The Photoshoot.

Just Tipping Around!

We were sitting in Elsie Power's Bar at the bottom of The Fair Lane in Dungarvan, my father and I, when he took a notebook from the inside pocket of his sports jacket. After retirement he had been asked by a few families who had known him for many years to do some light gardening … Continue reading Just Tipping Around!

Spring Cannot be Cancelled!

Waterford, south-east Ireland. Saturday, 27th March 2021 The title is borrowed from a new book from Thames & Hudson which they describe as "an uplifting manifesto in which David Hockney and his long-time friend Martin Gayford reflect on our extraordinary period of confinement, and art’s capacity to divert and inspire." Of course, those who are … Continue reading Spring Cannot be Cancelled!

Liam Neeson Saves the Purple King.

The garden is presently not a place of peace. There hasn't been an unleashing of uncontrolled, or even controlled, violence but there is a seething anger which threatens the tranquility usually associated with this gardening pastime. Wildlife is part and parcel of our garden: birds, even those which might be considered pest species - pheasants … Continue reading Liam Neeson Saves the Purple King.