Know Yourself!

I was told yesterday that I should change the name of this blog to "An Irish UNDERgardener". The Dublin branch of the Alpine Garden Society had their annual lunch yesterday in the Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire and I had been asked to speak ahead of the lunch. Triona, their events organiser, persuaded … Continue reading Know Yourself!

Those Unexpected Kindnesses.

Those unexpected acts of kindness lift one's heart and have a worth far in excess of their monetary value. Last weekend I was in receipt of not one, not two, but three of these beautiful acts of kindness. Happy me! Last Saturday was one of dreadful weather with Storm Dennis roaring over the country giving … Continue reading Those Unexpected Kindnesses.

The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.

Small changes in our gardening can make an enormous difference to our world – The “Act locally, think globally” concept could never be applied so effectively! We can each, in our individual gardens, make small changes which will be beneficial to our environment, to the pollinators of our country and its ecology without, and this … Continue reading The Pollinator Victory Garden…A Review.