Morocco in Bloom

Morocco in Bloom by Giuppi Pietromarchi “To be places of respite and joy, gardens combine the lively scents of the day and the night, the harmoniously clashing colours of the flowers, foliage and soil, the warmth of the shade and the freshness of the waters. The colours of the flowers and the clay, softened by … Continue reading Morocco in Bloom


Getting Out for a While

We have been busy with other matters this past while, the weather has been unpleasant and we have been ill these last few days so there has been no time in the garden. Yesterday, on the brink of cabin fever, I went to the garden for a few hours. It was a very gentle few … Continue reading Getting Out for a While

The Irish Garden, A Cultural History

The Irish Garden, A Cultural History by Peter Dale, Illustrated by Brian Lalor What is it that makes an Irish garden different?  Devon, Cornwall, western Scotland and, indeed, many parts of England have basic conditions very similar to those in Irish gardens yet our gardens differ and it is this difference and the reasons for … Continue reading The Irish Garden, A Cultural History