Six on Saturday, 01/08/2020

It hasn't been a good week for gardening; the weather was against us. We had torrential rain on Friday morning; enough to fill the dykes, birdbaths and even leaving the ground squelchy in places. Because of this, I have leaned my Six on Saturday in a slightly different direction, out of the garden but staying … Continue reading Six on Saturday, 01/08/2020

Flowers – Wild and Garden!

Lavish praise, a very generous book review, can be counter-productive for there is within us all that little streak of cynicism which says it may be too good to be true. This is my predicament with Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast, A Natural History by Carol Gracie for I fear that you may be inclined … Continue reading Flowers – Wild and Garden!

Dining on the Long Acre – The Wild Food Plants of Ireland

Reading Tom Curtis and Paul Whelan's book, The Wild Food Plants of Ireland, has brought another layer, a greater depth of interest, to my wildflower wanderings along our road in recent days. The damsons on the boundary ditch of the garden have set well but I'll have to wait for them to ripen before picking … Continue reading Dining on the Long Acre – The Wild Food Plants of Ireland