Domestic Overcrowing

Yesterday’s newspaper reported on a trend in Dublin, an area where it is very expensive to purchase one’s own house, of young people building log cabins and the likes in the gardens of their parents’ houses. For most young couples it is viewed as a stop-gap situation being cheaper than renting and allowing them some … Continue reading Domestic Overcrowing


A Lady of Colour!

I was lead astray, mislead, lead up the new garden path and totally befuddled at June Blake’s garden last week. June has a new entrance route to the garden now, veering to the right of the house, through the yard and left, past the fabulous new café which is absolutely beautifully laid out and furnished … Continue reading A Lady of Colour!

The Inexorable Rise of the Lemon Drizzle Cake

Garden centres became Lifestyle Centres and quickly moved to become Food Centres. Bloom became a food festival and garden club outings occasions for tea and scones. Thankfully, I have a healthy appetite and enjoy a sweet cake occasionally but I don’t like food to have dominant position in my gardening. I recently read an event … Continue reading The Inexorable Rise of the Lemon Drizzle Cake