All’s Well that end’s Well.

Waterford, south-east Ireland, 12th June 2021 It wasn't the best of gardening weeks; the weather was against us and we even took two days off to go "orchideering", one to the mountains and the other to the seaside, and, though they were damp days, they turned out to be a very pleasant ones and gave … Continue reading All’s Well that end’s Well.

Rain, Bees, Wasps and Northern Marsh.

We miss our "days out" in these dark-clouded Covid days. Despite government easing of restrictions, we will not be dining out nor drinking outdoors, nor meeting up with others, but will continue our lives of being cautious and careful and, perhaps, a little fearful for ourselves. Days out were always something we enjoyed a great … Continue reading Rain, Bees, Wasps and Northern Marsh.

Tom Stuart-Smith: Drawn from the Land – A Review.

Tom Stuart-Smith has deservedly earned recognition as one of the great British garden and landscape designers. His reimagining of the box parterre in the walled garden at Broughton Grange where the hedging was organised not in a traditional geometric layout but following the cell pattern of a leaf as viewed under the microscope brought him … Continue reading Tom Stuart-Smith: Drawn from the Land – A Review.