Mount Congreve Gardens

Mount Congreve Gardens are on the outskirts of Waterford City and are one of the great treasures of Irish gardening. They were developed by the owner, the late Mr. Ambrose Congreve, with the ground work, design and planting in the hands of the wonderful Mr. Herman Dool, a Dutch landscape architect and gardener. Facebook threw … Continue reading Mount Congreve Gardens

Delete, Delete, Delete!

The photo counter on the camera is often a good indicator of an enjoyed garden visit; the higher the count the more I found I considered beautiful, worth photographing, worth looking back on again at home. But, then, there are the occasions when the count is high because I have made such an effort to … Continue reading Delete, Delete, Delete!

The Excluding Eye – A Visit to The Garden House, Devon.

Why do we seek beauty and prettiness and exclude the unappealing, distasteful or unattractive when we photograph a garden? I have just looked back over an album of shots from a visit to The Garden House in Devon and find the photographs strongly contradict my thoughts and impressions of the garden on the day. They … Continue reading The Excluding Eye – A Visit to The Garden House, Devon.