Up to see the Ladies.

There was a mixture of emotions when visiting the Meadow Saffron - Naked Ladies is another common name, hence the title - at one of its two sites on the banks of the River Nore in Co. Kilkenny. It seems that these are the only two sites in the country where this plant is still … Continue reading Up to see the Ladies.

Knee-Ryan; Nay-Reen; Ner-Eeny!

It is peculiar where the mind rambles while one is pushing a lawnmower up and down a lawn. Or, more accurately perhaps, a peculiar mind is inclined to ramble in odd ways while one is engaged in routine gardening tasks. This particular ramble was along the lines of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong's tomato/tomahto; potato/potahto … Continue reading Knee-Ryan; Nay-Reen; Ner-Eeny!