The Early Season

It was rather a weak start to the snowdrop season here, a little disappointing but not entirely unexpected. The earliest flowering snowdrops here are of the Greek species, Galanthus reginae olgae and its cultivars and these don't enjoy the conditions in my garden. I suppose that should come as no surprise when their native range … Continue reading The Early Season

Rewilding – Briefly!

When I read, so very often, suggestions that we should leave our gardens go a little wild, should allow the wildflowers (weeds!) grow in the lawn etc I feel it is a very misplaced suggestion when directed at a rural garden. There are about two miles of wild hedgerows between our garden and the beginnings … Continue reading Rewilding – Briefly!

There are Giants on the Earth in these Days!

Very Christmassy, in a sort of way, but there was a sense of walking in a winter wonderland today at Mount Congreve Gardens (near us here in Waterford). No, they hadn't spoiled the gardens by draping decorations or lights along the way but there certainly has been a noticeable change through our visits over the … Continue reading There are Giants on the Earth in these Days!


Harriet Rycroft might well have named her book, The Pots in my Backyard, for it has a homely, unassuming tone running through it which is very endearing. There was no styling of pot arrangements for the many photographs which illustrate this book, no photoshopping of images to add a touch more colour or contrast to … Continue reading Pots