Dahlias, Back in Fashion Again – I Feel So Old.

My wife and I started gardening together almost forty years ago and dahlias were the height of fashion at that time. That was also the era of azaleas under planted with heathers and interspersed with dwarf conifers - oh, how misplaced was that "dwarf" description. We had a border where azaleas and dahlias were - … Continue reading Dahlias, Back in Fashion Again – I Feel So Old.

A Treasure Shared – Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’

For a gardener a plant is the perfect memento. We visited Glenveagh Castle Gardens in May of this year where we held our Annual General Meeting and enjoyed guided walks of the garden afterwards. There are two plants which are particularly associated with the gardens at Glenveagh. One is “Rhododendron ‘Mulroy Vanguard’ which was raised … Continue reading A Treasure Shared – Dahlia ‘Matt Armour’