"If one had to select the flower, which would be the most pleasing to the greatest number, it would be the primrose." This is a quotation from an anonymous author 'L.S.B. (F.R.S.)' who contributed an article, 'On Growing Primroses' to the Selborne Magazine in 1888. The same statement could be made today and be equally … Continue reading Primrose!

Getting out again…a little!

As with everybody else, our movements and outings have been considerably restricted since early March of this year. The daily morning 8 - 10Km walks were abandoned quickly after the first restrictions were announced and we haven't returned to them yet. They were something we enjoyed very much; good exercise, plenty of fresh air and … Continue reading Getting out again…a little!

Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!

Orchids by nature are inclined to be variable and identifying them accurately can be quite a challenge. Those who come to an interest in orchids from a non-botanical background quickly find that their previous experience of colour-organised identification guides is now of little relevance as their search for identification moves from colour to morphology – … Continue reading Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!