My Garden of Grumbles!

Certainly in winter - and winter has continued far too long this year - my first reaction on stepping out of the car at Altamont Garden is to grumble. Now there are some who would say I grumble whenever I visit a garden but this is inaccurate for it implies that I grumble only in … Continue reading My Garden of Grumbles!

The Prize!

Evert plant has its story, its background and its connections. At times it may be the most recent and most local which become attached and are most immediately significant for us but it is good to also recall those more historical. Osmanthus delavayi is the plant of the moment for me and its immediate relevance … Continue reading The Prize!

Golden Oldies!

A friend living in Normandy posted a set of photographs of old daffodil varieties on Facebook earlier in the week. There were some weird and wonderful names, as suits such “old and curious varieties” as he described them with Narcissus obvallaris ‘Thomas’s Virescent’, Narcissus obvallaris ‘Fat Bud’, Narcissus pseudonarcissus ‘Gerard’s Double’, Narcissus ‘Martin’s Meadow’, Narcissus … Continue reading Golden Oldies!

The Warren Gardens by Frank Mason

This article was first published in Issue 104, April 2007, of The Newsletter of The Irish Garden Plant Society. Bishopstown Library, Wilton, Cork presently has an exhibition on the Hartlands who had several nurseries and shops in Mallow and Cork and were especially famous for their collection of daffodils. They had collected old varieties of … Continue reading The Warren Gardens by Frank Mason