The Scentual Garden – A Review.

Fragrance lost its importance in our gardens. We drifted away from an appreciation of scent; became more visual in our judgement and selection and nowadays rarely include scent in a description of a plant. We have fallen out of the practice of appreciating one of the central and important aspects of our gardens, the fragrance … Continue reading The Scentual Garden – A Review.

Extra Pages in the Calendar.

A member of one of Facebook's many gardening forums posted a selection of photographs this morning, one for each month of the year - a calendar of sorts. It struck me as a good and interesting exercise, certainly something which would while away some time on a dragging day of constant rain. I had done … Continue reading Extra Pages in the Calendar.

Olivier Filippi – Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden.

  This is a remarkable book, a book of extraordinary depth and of marvellous inspiration. Olivier and Clara Filippi have run a nursery, specialising in Mediterranean plants, in the south of France for over thirty years. They have travelled the world to study the plants of dry-climate regions and have made an in-depth examination of … Continue reading Olivier Filippi – Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden.