Misery is Contagious!

Yes, I have come to the conclusion that misery is attractive - moths to the light, flies to well you know what - and that it has become a common way for today's personalities and influencers to up their ratings. We Irish are particularly drawn to misery and tragedy, something pointed out to me some … Continue reading Misery is Contagious!

How to Design a Garden

John Brookes completely changed the way people thought of garden design, shifting the emphasis from the growing of plants and the craft of gardening to designing and creating spaces for people. His designs catered first and foremost for the essential practicalities of what people needed in the spaces attached to their houses so that his … Continue reading How to Design a Garden

Beth Chatto’s Green Tapestry Revisited

There is an ageless quality about the Beth Chatto Gardens in Elmstead, Essex, something about them which is perennially attractive and pleasing. Though all gardens are a contrivance, Beth Chatto’s hand ensured the contrivance was never noticed, that all appeared perfectly natural, perfectly comfortable, perfectly right. This was her great skill, that of selecting and … Continue reading Beth Chatto’s Green Tapestry Revisited