Practically Tropical!

When the fog, mistiness and cloudcover cleared this morning there was that wonderful feeling in the garden, that mixture of warmth and moisture when you feel that if you threw seeds on the ground they would germinate, sprout and grow in a moment – a bit like the line from Oklahoma, “the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and it looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky”. It was that atmosphere perfectly conducive to plant growth, to lushness and fulness and a more certain sign that the seasons have moved on, that winter is behind and that it’s full steam ahead from now on.

Of course, there is, at the back of my mind, that old thought about one swallow not making a summer and I suppose one beautiful, warm and moist day of perfect growing conditions doesn’t guarantee the last of frosty nights or bad weather but we live in hope and sometimes we jump to the positive and the hopeful and long for the warmer days of summer and an end to the worries of frost, wind and storm damaging our garden plants.

Today was a day of hope and a good day in the garden. I enjoyed the plants, watching what was growing well, photographing them and I cut the grass – trimming the edges will have to wait until tomorrow and I hope tomorrow is as pleasant a day as today.

For the moment, I’ll enjoy today – the grass was cut and the flowers looked well:

Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ was enticed to open its flowers full in the afternoon’s sunshine:

Woodland Anemones, Anemone nemerosa, respond to the sunshine; turn their flowers to the sun and move with it through the day:

Trilliums are doing especially well this year:


8 thoughts on “Practically Tropical!

  1. That is an amazing show of trilliums and anemones. It was glorious here too but I had to work, though I did pop out to see the tulips flinging themselves open in the sun – great to see. It must have been a good day because the solar lights were still charged and on at dawn.

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  2. Irish gardeners were united in rejoicing yesterday, I belive! Such a welcome relief to walk outdoors and feel the ‘warmth’ (or rather, the non-cold and wind). I had to work, but enjoyed a couple of hours in the garden in the evening. Here’s to more beautiful weather!
    Of course all of your plants are lovely, but your blue anemone really caught my eye.

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  3. Those are the days when you’re lucky if even half the work gets done. It’s so beautiful just to be in the fresh air surrounded by growing things is enough to fill your schedule.
    I don’t know what non gardeners do with their lives. I can’t imagine being inside on a day like that!

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    1. This afternoon replicated that day with temperatures up to 17C here, unusually warm for this time of the year but no gardening done – a walk at the seaside in the afternoon and preparations for the Easter Egg Hunt as the grandchildren are arriving tomorrow!


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