The Pheasant has Landed

We visited an exhibition of sculpture at the Montenotte Hotel during the summer and both of us fell in love with “Running Pheasant” by Anna Campbell. Of course, pheasants have been part of our garden for several years and, I suppose, that made Anna’s sculpture especially appealing.

Running Pheasant (4)

Between our initial contact with Anna and our collecting the bird today, Anna has kept us updated on her progress as the “Running Pleasant” was cast anew and, today, she gave us a wonderful tour of the foundry, “Cast” on Brown St South in Dublin’s Liberties.

Running Pheasant (6)
A photograph sent by Anna Campbell to keep us updated on the progress of the sculpture – at this stage the bronze hasn’t been patinated so the colour is quite bright.
Running Pheasant (5)
And, another from Anna, showing a suggested plinth and stainless steel foot to secure it all to a base – this will be concrete under ground level so the “works” will be hidden.

The bird is with us now, not quite set in what will be its permanent position – the stainless steel base will be set in concrete and the bird securely fixed to the plinth, never to fly but forever running.

Running Pheasant (3)
The setting beside a pond and among clumps of dierama which, when in flower, will be as high as the sculpture and give it another setting.

Running Pheasant (2)

Running Pheasant (1)
The view from the living-room window.



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