Annes Grove – A Rejuvenation

Annes Grove is situated in north Co. Cork between Doneraile and Castletownroche. Lieutenant-General Grove Annesley inherited land here from the Grove family in the early eighteenth century and laid out the grounds as informal parkland with a walled garden and there was little change until Richard Grove Annesley (1879-1966) inherited in 1900. Influenced by his … Continue reading Annes Grove – A Rejuvenation


A Wonderful Daffodil

Really, I should give this post the title, "The Lazy Blogger's Post" as I am going to post a link to somebody who has written a far better account of this wonderful daffodil than I ever could. This is Narcissus¬† 'Lady Annesley', an old Irish daffodil - late 1800s - which was thought to be … Continue reading A Wonderful Daffodil