A Preview.

Altamont for snowdrops has become an annual visit not to be missed. We usually visit in early February as this is generally when the greatest number of snowdrops are in flower. The snowdrop season can stretch from October until March but the greatest selection is open in February and this has dictated the timing of … Continue reading A Preview.

The Maestros and the Alley Cats!

We attended two outstanding talks yesterday at Altamont Plants, part of the Carlow Garden Festival. I could not exaggerate how much I enjoyed both talks and what a wonderful credit the occasion was to Robert Millar, at Altamont Plants, and to Carlow Tourism who are the leading promoters and organisers of the festival. On this … Continue reading The Maestros and the Alley Cats!

A Reflection on The Carlow Garden Festival 2015

It was a week of garden celebration and enjoyment, of gardening experts, gardening celebrities and enthusiastic followers travelling and gathering and sharing in plants and gardens. This was the Carlow Garden Festival, a week crammed full of events, talks, guided walks and garden visits which seems to grow and grow in its success year on … Continue reading A Reflection on The Carlow Garden Festival 2015