Bee Amazed!

We know that bees are amazing creatures. They can build hives of architectural and structural complexity which astound us. They live in perfectly organised, efficient and hard-working communities. They can communicate with each other - a bee which finds a good source of pollen is able to tell fellow members of the swarm its direction … Continue reading Bee Amazed!


Carol Gracie – you may remember her from those two fabulous books of hers, Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast and Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast – has just written the perfect book for that impossible-to-satisfy gardening nerd in your life. This is a book which has across the board – I suppose I should say … Continue reading Florapedia

Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!

Orchids by nature are inclined to be variable and identifying them accurately can be quite a challenge. Those who come to an interest in orchids from a non-botanical background quickly find that their previous experience of colour-organised identification guides is now of little relevance as their search for identification moves from colour to morphology – … Continue reading Britain’s Orchids – A New Book!