How to Design a Garden

John Brookes completely changed the way people thought of garden design, shifting the emphasis from the growing of plants and the craft of gardening to designing and creating spaces for people. His designs catered first and foremost for the essential practicalities of what people needed in the spaces attached to their houses so that his … Continue reading How to Design a Garden

The Star-Nosed Mole

Isabel Bannerman's latest book on fragrance in plants and gardens reminds us that we have lost a great deal, often imperceptibly, and though this brings a certain sadness, we can at least enjoy the remembrance of things lost and more greatly appreciate what we still have. Scent Magic was the author's previous wonderful book on … Continue reading The Star-Nosed Mole

Modern Plant Hunters – A Review.

Modern Plant Hunters – Dr. Sandy Primrose. Plant hunters have given our gardens the most wonderful range of plants; we are greatly indebted to these brave, courageous and daring people and Dr. Sandy Primrose’s account of our modern plant hunters is gripping and informative reading for all gardeners and plant lovers. Plant hunting is not … Continue reading Modern Plant Hunters – A Review.