Bright and Breezy

A beautiful day; at long last, a beautiful day. We have had plenty of rain in the past week, several rather miserable days when we were confined indoors; days completely unsuitable for gardening or even for walking. But, 'tis an ill wind, as they say, and that rain has lead to an astonishing burst of … Continue reading Bright and Breezy

A Dream and a Loss.

Holding on to dreams and accepting losses is part of gardening. Another day has been passed pleasantly in the garden. Thankfully, the weather has been good of late and this has been possible. The start of the morning was spent finishing a job I had started yesterday afternoon. Midsummer often brings the regret that we … Continue reading A Dream and a Loss.

Heritage Irish Plants – Plandaí Oidhreachta

The beauty of the work of the members of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists was the inspiration for this project which features heritage Irish garden plants. The ISBA is quite a new society but has already made a fabulous contribution to Irish art and to our heritage of Irish plants with its initial exhibition, … Continue reading Heritage Irish Plants – Plandaí Oidhreachta