A Róisín Dubh – Dark Rosaleen.

Those who grow and those who see Primula 'Dark Rosaleen' are unfailingly cheered to see it come into flower - as I was to see it do so in my own garden today. The dark purple flowers with their yellow stripes match beautifully with the bronze foliage making it a delightful plant. It was raised … Continue reading A Róisín Dubh – Dark Rosaleen.

Primula Bounty!

Primulas are ever-reliable and obliging plants in our gardens. Variants and cultivars of the common primrose, Primula vulgaris, and the Juliana primroses, Primula juliae, grow exceptionally well for us and lend themselves to easy propagation so we can multiply their numbers with ease to give greater impact in the garden. They have always been treasured … Continue reading Primula Bounty!