Prodigiously Prolific.

Lionel and Helen (Meg) Richardson were breeders of daffodils, based at Prospect House, Kilcohan, in Waterford City. The house still stands, now surrounded by modern housing estates which also cover what was previously the Richardson’s farmland – they kept Jersey cows for milk and also grew tomatoes commercially – and the family name is given … Continue reading Prodigiously Prolific.

William Baylor Hartland Exhibition

Daffodils are part of the spring garden scene in Ireland to such an extent that we almost consider them native to the country even though they are not. However, we have a climate which perfectly suits the growing of daffodils and we have had many very successful daffodil breeders in Ireland over the years. As … Continue reading William Baylor Hartland Exhibition

The Warren Gardens by Frank Mason

This article was first published in Issue 104, April 2007, of The Newsletter of The Irish Garden Plant Society. Bishopstown Library, Wilton, Cork presently has an exhibition on the Hartlands who had several nurseries and shops in Mallow and Cork and were especially famous for their collection of daffodils. They had collected old varieties of … Continue reading The Warren Gardens by Frank Mason