Huntingbrook Snowdrops

Huntingbrook Garden is the home, workplace and love of Jimi Blake. Now, I could have introduced him as "plantperson Jimi Blake" or with such words as "plantaholic" or "plant geek" but such terms have a slightly pejorative tinge to them and I prefer to think of Jimi as a person with an extraordinary enthusiasm for … Continue reading Huntingbrook Snowdrops

Snowdrops at Huntingbrook.

Jimi Blake decided this week to take the plunge and open his garden - Huntingbrook, Co. Wicklow - at snowdrop time. Although he has gathered and grown snowdrops for many years he never considered his garden a "snowdrop garden" but he has taken an increased interest in snowdrops in recent years and has added enormously … Continue reading Snowdrops at Huntingbrook.