A Farewell to Snowdrops

There are still snowdrops in flower in the garden, in full flower and in good condition, but they are the last stragglers at the end of a long season which started here with the first flowers of Galanthus reginae olgae 'Rachel Mahaffy' at the end of September. While the first flowers were prized and a … Continue reading A Farewell to Snowdrops

A Touch of Winter

Yes, we've had a few days with a touch of winter. We're not really into winter here in Ireland; we don't have the dramatic changes of season experienced in countries further north or in central Europe; it's not something we want to experience but it is a good source of grumbling material, something to complain … Continue reading A Touch of Winter

A Gardener’s Guide to Snowdrops

The almost wildfire enthusiasm for snowdrop not only continues but is growing – a genuine galanthomania where amateur enthusiasm and commercial opportunism lead to a constant stream of newly named snowdrops – and it is a daunting challenge for any author to attempt a comprehensive listing of all cultivars. Indeed, it has frustrated others as … Continue reading A Gardener’s Guide to Snowdrops