A Sunday Selection

We have begun preparing for winter. The dahlias tubers have been lifted, dried and stored until spring. Garden furniture has been brought into the garage and the glasshouses have been prepared to store the tender plants. The last tomatoes have been picked, some still green, and brought inside, stored with a banana, in hopes of … Continue reading A Sunday Selection

Days when the Grass Don’t Dry!

Our garden is north-facing and in a river valley where fog is common and dew persistent and, as the angle of the sun drops lower and lower, there are many days when the grass does not dry at all, even on what we might call a "good drying day". This is also the time of … Continue reading Days when the Grass Don’t Dry!

A Game of Two Halves…and a lookback at the week.

Waterford, southeast Ireland, 21st November 2020 There were moments during the week, moments which gave hope that the gloom, fog, mist, rain and downpours might desist long enough for us to do some gardening. We managed a walk on Wednesday, a full day in the garden on Thursday, and half a morning on Friday. That … Continue reading A Game of Two Halves…and a lookback at the week.