Harriet Rycroft might well have named her book, The Pots in my Backyard, for it has a homely, unassuming tone running through it which is very endearing. There was no styling of pot arrangements for the many photographs which illustrate this book, no photoshopping of images to add a touch more colour or contrast to … Continue reading Pots

Cut Flowers

"Growing your own flowers for cutting is all about bringing the outside into your home, reconnecting with a sense of seasonality and nature. Flowers are food for the soul, and it's time to rediscover the beauty of blooms grown in tune with the season." Growing your own cut flowers brings the pleasure of creating beauty … Continue reading Cut Flowers


This Is a book of encouragement, of positivity, of giving it a go! Read it and realise it doesn’t take an expert gardener to create something of beauty, something which brings enjoyment, a garden that will enhance our lives and our environment. Almost to prove the point, the author tackles what most gardeners would consider … Continue reading Shade