Follow me up to Carlow!

It's a long time since that Planxty song came into my mind but it was what popped up when I came to write of our visit to Altamont Gardens yesterday. Follow the link for a blast from the past! Yes, it was a bright and warm day and we thought Monday would be a quiet … Continue reading Follow me up to Carlow!

At Altamont Gardens

The gardeners at Altamont have achieved that almost impossible aim of keeping a garden fresh, vibrant, changing and yet perfectly in tune with the style and ethos of its previous owner. So often we hear the comment of gardens such as this - bequeathed to the state, or in U.K. to the likes of the … Continue reading At Altamont Gardens

Altamont and Hardymount – A Day Out!

The Carlow Garden Festival goes from strength to strength with each year and attracts large attendances for all its events. Some attract big numbers because of their high profile but each event has its attraction and I attended two very enjoyable events, the first at Altamont Gardens in the morning and the second at Hardymount … Continue reading Altamont and Hardymount – A Day Out!