The Fantastic Mr. Frog

Some plant names are simply quite dull; others applied for good reason while some are purely fanciful. “Common Spotted Orchid” does not evoke images of anything especially beautiful or even interesting. “Early Purple Orchid” is, likewise, an uninspiring title. Other names are functionally descriptive: “Early Marsh Orchid”, “Western Marsh Orchid” or “Northern Marsh Orchid” come … Continue reading The Fantastic Mr. Frog


Drummond and Nelson

Dr. E. Charles Nelson has enriched my gardening for over twenty five years though it has been a disappointment that I have never had a plant from him – he has a special interest in plants of Irish origin or connection and he grows a few that I would give my eye teeth for. Charles … Continue reading Drummond and Nelson

Seeking the Elusive Emotive Element in Garden Design

Nigel Dunnett wants his gardens to reach those parts that other gardens cannot reach. In his thoughts, plans, designs and creations he aims to go beyond that found in most gardens; he wishes to create something which will elicit an emotional response – a basic human response deeper than the simple appreciation of beauty, of … Continue reading Seeking the Elusive Emotive Element in Garden Design