Was This A Bad Idea?

It struck me as a good idea, fitting somewhere among those pleasant end-of-year recollections and the equally pleasant though generally futile New Year resolutions that will rarely be implemented; a gentle way to pass some time on a day of unwelcome weather which confined us to the house. Yes, I thought it would be a … Continue reading Was This A Bad Idea?

December Gardening

It's almost a "believe it or not" time of the year regarding gardening for, given the very long spell of frosty weather, we might think there was no opportunity for gardening at all during this month and on the other hand we find it hard to imagine that some plants are actually looking very well … Continue reading December Gardening

There are Giants on the Earth in these Days!

Very Christmassy, in a sort of way, but there was a sense of walking in a winter wonderland today at Mount Congreve Gardens (near us here in Waterford). No, they hadn't spoiled the gardens by draping decorations or lights along the way but there certainly has been a noticeable change through our visits over the … Continue reading There are Giants on the Earth in these Days!