The Star-Nosed Mole

Isabel Bannerman's latest book on fragrance in plants and gardens reminds us that we have lost a great deal, often imperceptibly, and though this brings a certain sadness, we can at least enjoy the remembrance of things lost and more greatly appreciate what we still have. Scent Magic was the author's previous wonderful book on … Continue reading The Star-Nosed Mole

Cleaning up in a Peculiar Autumn

Cleaning up is never the most exciting nor enjoyable of gardening activities though there is a certain satisfaction when the work is done and so it was this week. We had tree surgeons here on Monday, two "climbers" and one who dealt with what they cut. We had seven trees removed completely, seven box maples … Continue reading Cleaning up in a Peculiar Autumn

The View from Federal Twist

This is the story of a gardener and a garden growing and developing together to create a modern American horticultural masterpiece. James Golden was approaching retirement when he purchased a property in western New Jersey, USA, because the house “suited its setting” and “had an intimate relationship with the place”. He had immediately sensed the … Continue reading The View from Federal Twist