Mount Congreve Today in Pictures

Writing a second time today about Mount Congreve Gardens might seem excessive but we did visit and enjoy the gardens again today. My account of the gardens will be through my photographs.

I have arranged the photographs into the sequence of our walk. Click to enlarge and to begin a slideshow:


5 thoughts on “Mount Congreve Today in Pictures

  1. I really enjoyed “walking” thru this garden! So many different kinds of Magnolia! Here in our area of Japan it seems magnolia season is just ending. There are a few stragglers but for the most part the blooms have dropped off. Lovely fotos!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk. It can be spectacular there – and the show will continue with rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, maples etc etc.

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      1. We have a very small garden not far from our home- Nogata Flower Park. The first time I was there I thought the garden wasn’t very “Japanese” and reminded more of English type gardens. It has a bit of an English garden feel. Then I met the head gardener and he told me that he had gone to the UK to study gardening during his younger days. He died a few years ago and his wife and their staff continue the garden. You can visit it for 400 yen. There’s a small tea house there where we usually get a cup of matcha tea or some coffee. I usually go there during the spring when the weather gets warmer. I think soon we will be planning a trip there.

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    1. Lots of rain today. Out outings have been restricted. We had hoped to visit Mount Usher as we go at this time every year and also Lismore Castle which opened for the season recently but the weather has been dreadful and there was no point in travelling.


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