When All At Once I Saw A Crowd!

It really is a case of being the only show in town – the snowdrops are what are in mind – and when there are no other plants competing for attention in the garden their significance is, perhaps, magnified…but not much, to be honest, for I do find them very attractive, interesting and I look forward to them very much every year. Because of this interest, there is hardly a day that I don’t walk the garden to note progress, to see old and valued favourites reappear, to watch clumps develop from the first flower opening to the whole lot being in full show, to watch especially for varieties planted only last year as the loss of even a single such bulb could be an expensive one indeed or a significant loss as it may have come as a gift from a kind friend. No doubt there are others of similar ilk out there, not obsessed as such but especially keen and interested, who watch day by day the progress of their favourite plants. Galanthophiles? Perhaps, though it has become a term of disparagement along the lines of “train-spotter”, an “anorak” in other words but, to trot out the old catchphrase, “Who cares, Habibi, they’re gorgeous!” We will enjoy what we enjoy!

So, for those who enjoy such things, here is a pictorial update on the progress of the snowdrops in the garden: These are newly into flower or present a better view of some that may have been in flower previously for even a previously seen and photographed snowdrop will catch the eye if the light catches it in a pleasant manner or if it looks a little different or better at the moment the camera is in hand:

And, a few clumps for I think snowdrops always look better in groups than as individuals no matter how beautiful they may be:

And, finally, what I do regularly on days when I can’t get out into the garden for a walk around; I bring a pinch into the house to open there in the warmth and to be appreciated in comfort:

Galanthus ‘Brocklamont Seedling’

4 thoughts on “When All At Once I Saw A Crowd!

  1. Your wonderful photos really do justice to your great selection of snowdrops. Having finally found some little snouts emerging here I wait with bated breath for the flowers to take centre stage! I agree that they show to best advantage in clumps and I am enthusiastically dividing clumps each year but I may just hurry the process along with a few bundles in the green wherever I find them!

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  2. Well, that’s just heavenly! Individual head shots, or wide crowd scenes, love them all. A great show, as always. Hope ‘Kryptonite’ does well for you, it’s becoming a favorite here in only two years.

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    1. I’ve only had ‘Kryptonite’ for a fortnight – a very kind gift – so, I’ll have to see how it does in coming years.


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