It was the Best of Days; it was the Worst of Days!

Not quite as Charles Dickens wrote but my view is of a narrower, more immediate and more intimate section of life – just two days in my own garden, to be exact. Just to differ a little further from Mr. Dickens, it was a case of the worst of days followed by the best of days; well, really, a bad day followed by a good day – let’s not be too dramatic about it all!

Our climate here in Ireland is often described as mild, moist and changeable. Several seasons in one day is not at all uncommon. Change is the one constant. So it was during this past week with two days of such contrast that one would wonder if they were in the same country. One day…I hesitate to use the word “dawned” but, I suppose, that technically the sun did rise somewhere even if it remained invisible to us below. On that day the sun didn’t so much dawn, or rise, as gloomed on us for we had one of those mornings so common in the valley of the river when we wake to fog and it takes forever to clear. Often we can see the top of the new bridge catching the sun’s rays above the fog and we can drive to town and when we go up the hill we enter a very different world, one of brightness and light and sunshine but, invariably, we have to return home to the gloom of the valley.

And, then, such a day of fog, when the dew never dries from the grass, is followed by a day that is bright and sparkling, when autumn colours glisten magically in the low shafts of sunshine we have at this time of the year. It is a different world entirely, a different atmosphere. Such days have been few and far between in recent weeks. Planned outings to visit some favourite autumn/winter gardens have had to be placed on hold as we wait for favourable weather and working in the garden has been difficult and uncomfortable. The ground is saturated from recent rain and working in wet and cold conditions is dreadfully uncomfortable. Of course, this is all the more reason to make the most of these pet days when they arrive and we have done so this week, lifting the last of the cannas for winter storage and cutting back dead herbaceous plants as the snouts of snowdrops and daffodils are beginning to appear through the garden.


9 thoughts on “It was the Best of Days; it was the Worst of Days!

    1. Snowdrops are up – Yes, indeed. And they do provide great interest over the winter months but there is work to be done – I like to have all the old plants cleaned up before the snowdrops get going so as to see and enjoy the all the better. We had a good day today – a day out to visit a garden.


    1. Yes, the repairs have been done though it does need a repainting, something I’ll do in spring. Just to keep me busy, an arch was blown over recently and must be replaced. I’m going to get one made, in some metal or other, as I reckon it will last longer than those available for sale in garden centres or than wooden ones.

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  1. What a contrast! Your garden looks glorious in the autumn sunshine Paddy, but then it looks lovely whatever the weather. Yes, it has indeed been a challenging autumn for gardening and I’m certainly running late on my jobs list.

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