Books, Briefly!

The dreadful rainy and windy day was not a cause of complaint today as it came at an opportune time. I wrote in early September of plans afoot to move my gardening books to better accommodation. They had been crammed into a press for many years, two books deep so that many were inaccessible without great effort, moving the front rows to access the rear.

The shelving was installed yesterday, a seamless operation with all parts arriving pre-cut and ready for assembly. Pre-cut is not quite the same as flat-pack and there was day’s work in putting all these parts together – not my work, I hasten to add but that of Shane who arrived early in the morning and worked through the day to complete the work by mid-afternoon. I was delighted with the end result.

All that was left to me was to move the books from the press where they have been housed for years to their new location. That was today’s work.

All my gardening books perfectly accessible now. Happy boy!

7 thoughts on “Books, Briefly!

  1. Love the shelving and good to have space to add a few more tomes. A good bookshelf is like a good wine, even when the contents are finished the memory lives on. Enjoy.

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