As the Days Go By

This colchicum – Colchicum ‘Pink Goblet’ – is in my view from my usual seat in the house so that I notice how it changes day by day and, of course, this also means I am coaxed out to photograph it each time it catches my eye – perhaps, the sun catches it well or it holds itself a little differently; whichever it is, I go to take a photograph.

The series of photographs stretch from the 28th of September to today, the 10th of October and I have spared you by not posting each and every shot along that time span but am posting simply enough to show how the flower developed and faded day by day.

28 September
1 October
2 October
5 October
6 October
7 October
8 October
9 October
10 October

2 thoughts on “As the Days Go By

  1. Perhaps like so many things, the anticipation is the best part. It is so beautiful in bud and as it opens but there is a sense of sadness as it reaches its zenith, with the knowledge that decay is inevitable. Thank you for your dedication in photographing that.

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