Containers in the Garden

Containers in the Garden – Claus Dalby

Claus Dalby has gained a well-deserved international reputation for the beauty and flair of his arrangements of potted plants and also as a person who has excellent communication skills so we are all able to benefit from his years of experimentation and experience. This book is lavishly and beautifully illustrated with high quality photographs which are accompanied by superbly generous and informative captions. It really is quite that simple and quite that ingenious – the author shows us his most successful and beautiful plant combinations and arrangements and explains the choices of plant, how they are grown, combined and maintained. It is unpretentious, inspirational and perfectly practical, an excellent resource for the practical gardener.

Two doorstep arrangements showing the changes through the seasons.

The use of pots, of course, broadens the definition of “gardener” for Claus Dalby’s suggestions are  perfectly applicable to the apartment balcony, door porch, patio, entrance gate, backyard or any nook and cranny that the inventive and enthusiastic plant lover might wish to beautify. In effect, this approach to growing plants allows one to have a garden anywhere. Potted displays allow for great flexibility, with opportunities to change everything about if one wishes, to introduce newly-acquired plants with ease, to remove those gone past their best, to chop and change, to play about, to suit one’s mood, to have fun and enjoy one’s gardening and this guide from Claus Dalby will prove itself a wonderful inspiration from one end of the year to the other for he has suggestions right through the calendar.

A very generous display to the side of tghe house

Container in the Garden is a masterclass on growing plants in pots with elements of flower arrangement, suggestions for combinations of colours, textures, form, grouping and spacing but not only for the creation of individual pots but also for grouping of a collection of such creations. Most are themed around various colour combinations with mixtures of shrubs, bulbs, perennial and annual plans which might be read and used as recipes for success or as guidelines for one’s own endeavours.

Hallowe’en and winter displays

One aspect of the book which particularly appealed to me was the great number of new and attractive plants or cultivars introduced in the book. The author has a great enthusiasm for interesting and beautiful plants – some of the cannas and dahlias shown are especially beautiful and worth seeking out for our own gardens.

A very enjoyable, useful and pleasant book!

[Containers in the Garden, Claus Dalby, Cool Springs Press – The Quarto Group, 2022, Hardback, 176 pages, £22, ISBN: 9787-0-7603-7466-5]


6 thoughts on “Containers in the Garden

  1. I have been following Claus on Instagram and find his pots very inspiring. It’s like he has picked up the Great Dixter porch display and ‘run with it’. Although clearly he gardens to a different budget to mine, I still find plenty of ideas that can be incorporated on a budget. Very tempted to put both your book reviews on my Christmas list. Thank you for reviewing.

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    1. Yes, he has a great social media presence and I must say the tone of the book is very pleasant and relaxed with plenty of ideas.


  2. What a tempting book. I already have so many containers that I’m worried/convinced it would lead me further astray. It’s on the wish list though. Thank you for doing these reviews, it’s brought so many books to my attention (and some to my bookshelf).

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    1. This is a good one! Beautifully illustrated, practical and a pleasure to read. Enjoy. Glad you like the reviews. I am sent copies by the publishers and my payback is to review them and, I must point out, with no obligation to be other than perfectly honest in my opionion.

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