A Compensation of Views

Early morning doesn’t appeal to me at all – early morning extents to approximately 3p.m. in my mind and I am generally not at my best until that time – but a text from Eir, our telephone and broadband supplier, at 7a.m. to tell me that my “fault was still under investigation” woke me unreasonably early this morning. It was a worse than normal start to the day. The “fault” has been ongoing for what seems years but has been particularly atrocious since the end of May. Our connection to the internet, slow at the best of times, is constantly interrupted so that we are more often without than with an internet connection. We have had a stream of technicians call to the house, suggest such and such a connection could be the problem and have replaced/repaired it; lengths of cable have been replaced along our road; some new poles and new cable have been installed; all of which, unfortunately, always seems to give a temporary result – the internet works while they are there and stops shortly after they leave – and we are soon back to the usual non service again. I suppose that is the difficulty of the problem, that it is intermittent, working for an hour or two and then leaving us with not connection whatsoever for much of the day. Anyway, it would seem a technician is approaching again today to deal with the problem and I live in hope – and in hope of the requested “callback” from a manager in customer service who will be prompted to offer a solution. Fibre optic cables have been laid along the road and connection is scheduled for sometime between September and December. I live in hope but not in confidence that this will happen.

Acer griseum catching the early morning sunshine

So, sleep disturbed, I opened the curtains and windows and saw the watertrails which told me that the Head Gardener was already out and about watering the potted plants around the house. I wandered out to find her – she spotted me – and my eye was caught by the way the low morning rays of sunshine were hitting the bark of an Acer griseum at the top of the garden. I went back for my camera, for such moments are fleeting, captured the scene and then continued to stroll around the garden, clicking as I went, and here are the results:


13 thoughts on “A Compensation of Views

  1. Your garden is looking splendid, as always, especially in this late August early morning sunlight.
    I sympathise with you on telephone/internet connections, as we have had VERY similar since 1994. AND hope, once connected, that ‘that’ new FibreOptic cable sorts&cures your problems FOR-GOOD, sometime this Autumn.

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    1. Yes, the garden can seem very different at various times of the day. Late evening is especially nice. Often, while working in the garden the light will catch a flower/plant is a special way and one has to almost run for the camera to capture it for it changes in an instant. We could be doing worse!


  2. I’m wondering if you might have good Internet between 7am and 3pm? Would that make a difference?
    We got a full year of money paid to Eir refunded to us. Issue was exactly as you have related. ComReg had it dealt with within 10 days.

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    1. The last three days have been reasonably good – better than previous weeks though still very slow. We have had many attempts by technicians to remedy the situation but none has worked. There has occasionally been a short-term improvement only for the problem to return. You must tell me agout ComReg, a route I hadn’t thought of going.


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