I’m was a Pin-Up Boy, for a Moment!

Fame is fleeting and flies past in the blink of an eye. Mine came yesterday, has already waned and is very unlikely to reignite.

The Head Gardener caught the moment; indeed, had she not caught it fame would have passed me by without my noticing it at all. But, she did and I have since been plagued by publicity representatives from Husqvarna who wish to use my image for promotional material. They came with their “standard contract” and promises of “future opportunities”. It would seem there was no limit to what I might achieve; no doors closed to me; a bright and promising future. But, I don’t know! It’s all a lot of bother, a lot of palaver and I have declined all offers. I’m just not ready for this change in lifestyle, happy with how things are and no desire to grace the front pages of the Husqvarna catalogue or appear on their online and television promotions. There will be no complimentary Husqvarna tools to hang in the garden shed or the garage – for a moment, I had a mental picture of myself looking like Monty Don with the lines of donated (I imagine) tools behind me in future photoshoots. Oh, see how the vocabulary of publicity has already seeped into my conversation! It would be a slippery slope but I have stopped at the top and will remain there steadfastly independent of sponsorship deals with only the occasional wistful thought of what might have been.

The moment, as caught by the Head Gardener, will be printed large, framed impressively and hung in the garden shed to remind me what a fine cut of a man I once was but I’ll have no regrets!.

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