Between the Jigs and the Reels, at last, June Blake’s Garden!

It’s three weeks since we visited June Blake’s garden (Tinode, Co. Wicklow) and, despite all my best intentions, I never posted about the day and not to do so would be very unfair of me for it was a beautiful day, a day of perfect weather and June’s garden was as glorious and fabulous and perfect as ever.

Yes, I’m a fan of June’s garden and of her style of planting, that painterly style of combining plants for colour and texture, a creation of an overall pleasing picture where even the prima donna plants are included only because they add to the whole effect and so are never the eye-catching distractions they can be when not combined effectively with good companions.

June at work in the garden and, yes, she spotted me and realised I had snapped her.

When much of the gardening world, at least that section of the gardening world which opens its gardens to the public, will search for the latest gimmick to attract attention and visitors, it takes faith and confidence in your own style to persevere along your chosen path. June has that faith and confidence so that her garden is not one flaunting the latest brash novelty but one where beauty is improved, honed and perfected year on year, a constant upping of standards and development. The garden is this season the best I have ever seen it.

The Covid pandemic meant that this recent visit was our first in some years so it was wonderful to see the leap in development over that time. It struck me most noticeably that the outer sections of the garden have become more united and integral to the core herbaceous borders which are central to the garden. The transition now seems more natural, indeed hardly a transition at all only that my mind’s picture of the garden was still that of a few years back. There is a seamlessness about it now which blends it into its setting very comfortably. It has taken June a few years to achieve this though it clearly was her plan all along and she has now brought it to effect and it completes the garden very perfectly.

I could waffle on but the photographs will show you the beauty better than my words, I think. I hope you enjoy them and I recommend you visit if you can at all.

Starting with views: Click to enlarge and view as a slideshow:

And, a look at some of the flowers in the garden – June always has a very beautiful selection: Click to enlarge and view as a slideshow:

7 thoughts on “Between the Jigs and the Reels, at last, June Blake’s Garden!

  1. June has created one of the most satisfying gardens to visit. All year round there is something of interest and she continues to develop and refine the choices of plants. It’s also “domestic” in scale that gives one hope to at least be inspired by her garden.

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    1. We’re of the same opinion, Melissa. It is for me the best garden in Ireland; certainly, my favourite. And, something which appeals greatly to me, done with humility and honesty, no fanfare, just constant work and effort, changing and improving etc etc.


  2. Thanks for sharing such a wealth of images. It gave me a better sense of her garden than I’ve had before. A glorious creation. I also enjoyed your thoughts on it as you have a superb garden yourself. It takes a good gardener to be able to comment so thoughtfully on another person’s garden.

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    1. I’m a great admirer of June and of her gardening, Linda. I’m delighted you enjoyed the photographs – always far better than words!


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