Twenty Five Point Something

It wasn’t quite the heat disaster that was forecast but, nonetheless, it was a very hot day, hot enough to give me a dose of the heebie jeebies. A friend reported 28C in Dun Laoghaire and a record temperature of 33C for the country was recorded in Dublin. It is being reported as an unconfirmed record for the present – the record to date is a temperature of 33.3C recorded at Kilkenny Castle in 1887.

The Head Gardener, who moves far faster than I early in the day, was out watering potted plants before breakfast while I arose a little (maybe a lot) later and moved slowly to get the day under way. With breakfast over and a few chores dealt with I decided on something light and easy outside, painting the road gate which only needed a light rub down before painting and there was the shade of overhanging trees so I felt it was not unreasonable work even in the hot conditions. Before I was finished, less than an hour, I began to feel nauseous and light-headed but some drinks and a shower perked me up very quickly:.

Hemerocallis, the day lilies, seem not to mind the hot weather at all and are in full flower:

We spent the afternoon inside and I cut the grass when it cooled down in late afternoon. Sitting on the lawnmower was actually pleasant at that time as it was overcast with a nice breeze though it became quite heavy and muggy later in the evening. Some rain is promised for tomorrow morning and late afternoon and it will be welcomed by garden and gardener.

And this hot weather is perfect for drying the garlic and the onions:


14 thoughts on “Twenty Five Point Something

  1. Please take care in the heat, Paddie! We in north central USA have been hiding in the house for weeks (with some air cinditioniing, than goodness). And we don’t see any letup in either the heat or the drought…

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    1. Though the temperatures are forecast to remain high today, we also expect some rain. I need to get the garlic and onions into the glasshouse to continue drying out for storage!


  2. Yes, take care in the heat. We recorded 32 here yesterday. The heat has suited the hemerocallis and some of the tetraploids with ruffles that sometimes fail to open properly look good. They are fine crops of onions and garlic.

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    1. Re the hemerocallis: we had a bad dose of gall mite last year and some again this year but not as bad. Yes, good garlic!


  3. I sympathise…it’s 9.35am and already way, way too hot for comfort here. I watered the pots immediately after breakfast and won’t be going out again until late evening. Take care, and stay hydrated!

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      1. I would gladly have swapped experiences! Yesterday the temperature here (outdoors) rose to around 38C. Indoors it got to 28C, and even now (7.20am) it’s 27C. Hottest day and night ever…ghastly. Should be a bit easier today, hopefully, but I shall continue to stay indoors, hiding.

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  4. Love the selection of hemerocallis – I’ve spent years trying to get rid of the orange ones but seeing the different shades – and that they don’t mind the heat, I think they might be just the thing for the front border now I’ve decided to remove the peonies and astilbes. I know each flower only last a day but do they repeat flower over a long period?
    We broke temperature records in Wales yesterday recording 37.1C in Hawarden, Near Chester (just under 8 miles from us). 38.5 according to my car as we drove to the funeral on the Wirral, and 39C (car) outside our house at 6.50 pm as I got in to drive to Hawarden for my writers’ group meeting. My Potting Shed thermometer only records up to 50C and was off the scale. I’ve shaded the Shed, my salad crops in Raised Bed B – also Valmain in there but mine was suffering. It’s perked up this morning.

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    1. Goodness, those are dramatic temperatures; dangerous, even. I didn’t realise you were so close to Chester. We have stayed there while on garden-visiting holidays. 27C here this afternoon and we are staying indoors. Garlic and onions in the glasshouse to dry as we had an hour’s rain this morning.


      1. We stayed in The Railway Hotel, centre of town, which was great as there were plenty of restaurants around – and a good selection of gardens to visit within striking distance.

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