Going Completely Over the Top!

Although I am admitting to going completely over the top, I can assure you that I have made a selection of the photographs I took when we visited Rosemary and Pádraig Maye’s garden near Slane, Co. Meath, yesterday. It was one of those gardens where one is tempted to click and click away and there was temptation in plenty yesterday so I have made a selection and have omitted many, many of the photographs taken and yet there is still a great number.

My first impression on entering the garden was that I had never previously had a grasp of the extent of the garden nor of the range of areas and plantings there. There was far more to the garden than I had realised and there was much to see and to enjoy. And, enjoy it we did from the warm welcome received from Rosemary and Pádraig (who enjoys the same “Undergardener” status as I do at home!) through the guided walk of the garden with Rosemary – with occasional comments from Pádraig between jobs – to the very welcome confectionaries and coffee in the Mediterranean Garden to bring our visit to a perfect conclusion. To add to the enjoyment we had the company of four enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners from the North and two from Cork so that we had the very best of company, people with sensible questions and comments from their own experience. And, we all went home with generous plant gifts from Rosemary, treasures to remind us of a wonderful visit. It would be difficult to imagine a better gardening day!

I hope you enjoy my over-the-top selection of photographs and that you find the time and occasion to join Rosemary in her garden some day. Click on a photograph to enlarge and to start a slideshow:

Many thanks to Rosemary and Pádraig for the wonderful day and to our fellow garden visitors for such good company.

14 thoughts on “Going Completely Over the Top!

    1. It was my thought also. Pádraig has a number of very large cast iron pots, “famine pots”, placed strategically around the garden and connected to a water supply so that there is not too great a distance between water and pots, less carrying of watering cans.


  1. Looks a fabulous garden. Where do they live?
    I have been weeding and cutting back all day. Also planting up young plants which arrived from Hayloft this morning. A few drops of rain at the moment but not enough to do any good. More watering. Hope you are all well Hilary

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    1. A hot day here today, Hilary with a threat of rain early this evening which came to nothing. Very high temperatures forecast for the next few days. Rosemary and Pádraig live in Slane, Co. Meath – not very far from you at all.


    1. I grew a pink zantedeschia called ‘Marshmallow’. I think it is still there but struggling because it is overcrowded by other things. I must try to rescue it.


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