Beautiful in Lismore!

We had planned to visit Lismore Castle Gardens yesterday, 12th July, but the weather was miserable so it wasn’t worth making the journey to spend a damp and overcast time in the garden. Today was far better, a beautifully bright and warm day, not too hot but pleasantly hot and the gardens looked marvellous.

They make a great use of annual plants in the garden with changes in the selection from year to year which means there is always change and interest and something new and fresh about the planting. When you add the inclination of plants to self-seed in places that suit them, you have another layer of interest with chance combinations and variations in colour from the original planting. It all adds to the semi-controlled approach to managing the garden where there is a clear plan and a definite selection chosen for form, colour and interest but also an allowance for nature to take a hand in design and planting, a sort of combined effort between gardener and nature and it works wonderfully.

The light was good for photographing garden vistas today as it was bright but not glaringly so. There was light cloud – white cloud, which is good to soften the harshness of the sun and give interest to the sky and spare that glare that blazes off flowers in blue-sky summer sunshine. It was a good day in the gardens and we followed out time in the garden with a walk around the town of Lismore which is a very beautiful town with interesting architecture before stopping off in Dungarvan on our way home at “And Chips” to collect our takeaway fish and chips which we ate at the Seaview Restaurant – on the strand at Abbeyside with beautiful views across to the Cunnigar, Ring, Helvick Head and back into the harbour. I recommend it highly. The only disappointment was that I hadn’t brought my swimming togs as the tide was in, perfectly calm and it looked fabulous. Next time!

Some views around the gardens at Lismore Castle:

And some plants:

And, finally, something different. This “milestone” was set into a wall on the main street in Lismore. It shows the distances from Lismore to Cappoquin, Tallow and Waterford in measurements we hardly ever hear of nowadays. The distance to Waterford is 43miles, 4 furlongs and 3 perches! It is 5 miles, 5 furlongs and 26 perches to Tallow and 4 miles, 0 furlongs and 16 perches to Cappoquin. From my schoolboy days I recall that there are 40 perches to the furlong and 8 furlongs to the mile!


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