No Days for Old Men!

These days have recently come on me again. They shoudn’t come as a surprise; after all I have experienced the seasons many times now and shouldn’t be taken unawares but a scary day or two generally catches me out, gives me a little warning and tells me to be careful – wasn’t it that American police drama which had the captain end each morning’s assignment meeting with “and remember folks, be careful out there!”? And, as an aside, this brings to mind my years (1970 – ’72!) in teacher training college and the College President’s weekly talk which always ended with “And remember when you are out working in schools, never be alone with a child!” In our innocence we hadn’t a notion what this meant but it certainly stayed with me all my teaching career and I came to understand perfectly well what he had in mind. Obviously, he was well aware long before child safety and protection had become an issue in our world.

However, back to the present days, the days of danger to old men in the garden. It has become quite hot in these last few days and temperatures around 25C are forecast for tomorrow. I have found that I melt when simply sitting in the shade in 25C. Temperatures these last two days and again today will be around 18 – 19C and, as I am not very good to ensure an adequate intake of liquids during the day – the old man’s problem disinclines me to drink a great deal – I have found the heat very trying and tiring. Tuesday was an especially tough day as we were out early, stayed out late, and did a lot of work during the day. By late afternoon, I was flagging very drastically, feeling quite unable to function at my best and generally feeling upset in myself. Of course, it was due simply to lack of fluids, working under the sun on a hot day. I amended my ways yesterday with a serious intake of fluids and all was well. Old age is a curse but being old and stupid is even worse!

Of course, the garden looks well on these bright days; a little sunshine puts a sparkle on everything, lifts the spirits etc. I was sitting drinking my coffee yesterday morning and was struck, again, by how the sun caught the flowers on two trees of Robinia pseudoacacia so I went out to take a few photographs before the light changed…and then went on to take a few more around that side of the garden.

Later on in the day I had a walk around to catch whatever flowers are looking well at the moment:

Post Scriptum: I’m sure the Head Gardener at this stage will have reprimanded me for thinking of myself as an old man (I’m only 68!) as I am very fortunate to be able to get up every day, to be able to do our bit of gardening, to go off for days out etc. However, hot days working in the garden can knock the stuffing out of me – especially as I am too stupid/reluctant to drink enough!

Enjoy your gardens folks!


15 thoughts on “No Days for Old Men!

  1. I think we all suffer from the disinclination to take adequate fluids Paddy, and I agree with Head Gardener that you shouldn;t refer to yourself as an Old Man!!!! Age is just a number after all, and we gardeners generally keep fitter than the general population! Take care and enjoy this brief interlude of actual summer weather!

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  2. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are no joke, regardless of age. I imagine you may not encounter truly hot weather routinely enough to become acclimated, although there comes a point where it is just too hot for anyone. Here in Virginia, 19C would be regarded as a nearly perfect mild day — much of this week the daily high has been closer to 32C. Admittedly, I don’t see many people out in their gardens at that temperature, I have the outside world nearly to myself.

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    1. 32C would approach hell in my mind. 19C is perfectly fine, about at the limits though. We’ll garden away as best we can, I suppose!


  3. Take care out there!
    The work does show, your garden looks to be in fantastic shape and the head gardener has directed you well.
    The blue skies don’t hurt in showing off the garden either. It would be hard to imagine a disappointing June.

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